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Alanya Scuba Diving

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A wonderful underwater world with fauna and flora, ship vrecks are waiting for you in the crystal clear water at the Tukish Mediterranean coasts.

Underwater life is very mesmerizing and fascinating. To get a peep into this marine life, Alanya Scuba Diving brings you a tour full of underwater exploration and adventure. This scuba diving experience will keep you enthralled and also will lure you to go on this adventure in future.
Transfer - Lunch - Equipment Included (Everyday departure 9.30)

Alanya Scuba Diving

Alanya is a naturally gifted wonderful place full of mountains and waters. Alanya Scuba diving is an exceptionally beautiful adventure sport which lets you get close to sea life, under water creatures, the coral reef and beautiful colorful fishes. This is a 6 hour tour and starts in morning and ends by evening.
The tourists are picked from their hotels and driven to dive boat registration counter. After the check in process, tourists are briefed about scuba diving, underwater breathing, the boat schedules and safety precautions. The orientation is carried out by professionals. Also there will be continuous presence of diving masters and professionals during the entire tour time.
This is a 2 dive tour and the group formation will be done by the diving master. The first dive is just kind of a practice session which happens at the shore. You can relax after your first dive and can have lunch aboard the boat. You can also sunbathe and also practice snorkel here. Meanwhile you can also work on the scuba equipment and get used to. Also you need to practice some skills until you are confident enough to go diving in deep sea. After lunch the second dive happens at another location that is farer from the shore.
Turkey and specially Alanya is the best place to take your first scuba diving tour. The water here is very clean and also it is the safest. If while diving you feel unsafe and scared, you can go for boat dives which let you explore caves, caverns and also you can just swim across in here. After the tour, tourists are transported back to their hotels.

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