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Alanya Turkish Bath

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Turkish Bath is something you should definitely experience while you are Turkey. Which will make you feel relaxed before leaving and look younger. Here we say: Who didn’t go to hamam. Hasn’t been in Turkey.

Alanya Turkish Bath; Spa and massage are stress relieving activities which provide the body with much needed warmth and comfort. When in Turkey, experience the soothing Turkish bath and relax every inch of your body. Alanya Turkish bath offers the most exquisite bathing luxury.

Turkish bath known as hamam have been a part of Turkish culture over the centuries. You will feel 10 years younger as before when you leave the place.

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Turkish Bath

Alanya Turkish bath is a 3 hour session which includes body scrub, foam massage and oil massage. The sauna and steam room are very inviting and the ambience is just alluring. The Turkish bath became a popular act during the Victorian era. The bath is more like sauna but consists of ancient Greek and Roman bathing practices.
Alanya Turkish bath consists of sauna, body wash, bubble wash, scrubbing, steam bath, foam and aromatherapy oil massage. This bath removes all dead skin and cleanses all pores making your body breath in more fresh air and you feel relaxed as never before. It stimulates and promotes proper blood circulation and boosts the cardiovascular system. It has many other healing benefits on your body and prevents it from illness.
Preferred time to go for this Turkish bath is the first day you enter Alanya. You can register for this bath and you will be picked from the hotel on the day of service. Also after the bath the drop to the hotel is carried out. There are different packages too which include different activities. You can select the best package according to your wish and needs. Also apart from the bath many other beauty regimes like facial masks and massages can be done at Alanya Turkish bath tour. But these prices are excluded from Turkish bath package and to avail them you pay differently.
A visit to a hamam is a must when you in Alanya. This traditional bath started centuries ago but is still existent and one must definitely experience it. Never miss this opportunity when you are in Turkey. The peace and soothing effect you have in this Turkish bath is unmatched and unbelievable.

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