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Ever thought of a swim with dolphins in Alanya ? If not then do it now. And if yes, visit us now. Dolphins are those marine creatures which are fancied by one and all. You might have taken boat rides in the sea just for a glance of these dolphins. We at Alanya provide you with this once in a lifetime opportunity of swimming with the dolphins. Imagine how beautiful it could be to be so close to a dolphin who you always amazed at from a distance.

Alanya dolphin park is a must visit place for this activity. You can see your favourite water animal everywhere in our park. You stand a chance to enter the cool waters of our pools along with the dolphins. You can swim for a whole 20 minutes with them. And this swim won’t be just a movement in the water. It’s a fun filled 20 minutes which you spend dancing and playing with the dolphins.

With music and laughter all around, you dance with the dolphins and click ample of pictures and videos. Don’t miss a chance to hug and kiss them too. They love it. Hold the dolphin fin and let the dolphins drag you in the water. This way you can actually swim without any effort from you end. Our trained dolphins can take good care of you in the water.

Join us with friends, family and kids especially. Spend a day like no other surrounded by dolphins and forget the stress of daily life. Host parties and get together at Alanya Dolphin park. We assure you a great day with lot of fun and memories. This will be one incredible day you give to yourself. The swim you take with the dolphins will surely stay in our heart and mind forever leaving you wanting for more.

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