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Hatay - Urfa - Nemrut

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The journey starting from Alanya will continue to the east with a perfect view that combines the sea with the forest. After Banana and orange trees and the foothills of the Taurus mountains, you will be greeted first by Anamur, then by Silifke.
You will arrive in Adana at sunny pearl after you have settled in the vast coasts of Mersin. Now slowly the mystery of the south and the east will begin. In Kahraman Maraş you will see the copper trades of the hand craftsmen and you will feel that the palate reaches its peak with the Maraş ice cream. The prophets will see the mystery of Adıyaman without coming to Urfa, the city will live in Nemrut, perhaps you will be watching the most beautiful nativity and sunset in the world. In Sanliurfa you will be amazed at your visit to Balıklıgöl and the perfection of what you will see. In Gaziantep you will chat with the copper masters at the Grand Bazaar. It is time to go to Antakya to visit Saint Pierre, one of the oldest churches in the world. After this excellent church between the rocks you will visit the Iskender sarcophagus and mosaic museum in Antakya. Believe it or not to write and write this tour. Someone's power is not enough. The way is to catch the perfection by seeing and understanding.

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