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The journey starting from Alanya will continue to the east with a perfect view that combines the sea with the forest. After Banana and orange trees and the foothills of the Taurus mountains, you will be greeted first by Anamur, then by Silifke.



Black Sea

Are you ready for a wonderful holiday together with nature in the Black Sea, which reveals a distinct beauty of every season? With its lush green springs, clear skies and unmistakable fascinating landscapes, the Black Sea is worth seeing. You can find the opportunity to get to know the history, mythology and impressive cultures of these fertile lands more closely with the Black Sea tour. Despite the cold weather, you will feel like you are at home in your Black Sea holiday thanks to the warm-blooded and güler face people.




Ephesus was an ancient Greek city located on the western bank of Anatolia, within the boundaries of the Seljuk county of today's İzmir province, and later an important Roman city. It was one of the twelve cities of Ionia in the classical Greek era.



Make a reservation with Harun Demirci immediately to benefit from the thermal springs of Afyon.